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#SuperMe - Body Transformation Guide (Home workout)

All profits from the sale of this guide will be donated The NSW Rural Fire Service, Australia. My thoughts and prays go out to all my family and friends and all Australians who are suffering from these devastating bushfires.

#SuperMe Home Edition - by David Higgins

My mission is to help you build a functional and resilient body and to get you in the best shape of your life.

The optimum way to begin this programme is to complete the 21 day body reset programme from my book, The Hollywood Body Plan.

#SuperMe is a six week progressive workout guide and is designed to push you from the easy workout to the extreme. The bonus is that you can complete it all from the comfort of your own home or where ever you maybe.

This program was specifically designed for actors (both male and female) who play action movie heroes.

Remember, consistency is everything. So, leave your ego at the door and keep your form! If you hit form failure before you complete your set, slow things down and complete the exercise duration. As you progress you will be able to do more in the time given.

Bad form can exaggerate already poor postural habits which can lead to unnecessary overuse injuries and pain, this is why I recommend you at least complete the 21 day reset program first from my book "The Hollywood Body Plan". It is designed to not only rest your posture, it levels you up to understand what precautions you need to complete (regarding movement prep) before your workout. It's time to leave your ego at the door and workout smart!

Good luck, to keep yourself accountable and show off your results use the hashtag #SuperMe.

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